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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Mr. President...

After reading your State of the union speech from earlier this week, I am compelled to write this 1 suggestion for you- shut the hell up about high speed rail! I grant you that certain European and Asian countries have nifty high speed rail systems but most of those countries are no bigger than many of our states. No citizen of my acquaintance has any interest in traveling by rail and I live in a town made famous by our country's first rail boom. Heck my spousal unit has even traveled from Ogden to Portland Oregon by AMTRAK years back but nobody is interested in doing so now! BTW, how's that AMTRAK business working out, making a profit on that enterprise yet?

Here's my suggestion Mr. President; drop high speed rail from your vocabulary. Leave it to a state or private company to institute should they desire and don't spend another dime of my tax dollars on any federal high speed rail development. If you want a signature project to spend money on and that will leave a legacy behind, spend those billions of dollars you want to spend for rail projects to find a cure for cancer! Or find a cure for Alzheimers, or autism, something that will really matter!

You can spend my tax dollars for those issues, not high speed rail!

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